Specialities - Additional Qualifications


Halliwick, Bad Ragazer Ringmethod, 1997
Therapy in the water is a great tool in Rehabilitation to improve motor control, coordination, strength and balance without gravity and therefore pain free. Flavia offers private therapy sessions in the pool for acute pain relief (e.g. back pain), gentle joint mobilisation after acute injuries (e.g. ankle sprain, bone fracture or muscle tear) or instruction of strength exersices in rehab programs. 


Treatment of Myofascial Triggerpoints

Manual treatment of Triggerpoints, 1997
Dry Needling, 2014

In Jan 2014 Flavia received her diploma in Dry Needling, a very effective deep relaxation technique to treat pain and referred pain caused by tight muscles (Myofascial Triggerpoints) with acupuncture needles.

IBITA Bobath-Concept (NDT)

Basic course, 1998, advanced course, 2000,
NDT paediatric course 2003

Bobath therapy is a problem solving neurodevelopmental approach for the assessment and treatment of individuals with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions (stroke, brain injury, central or peripheral paresis). It addresses the problems that occur as a result of impairment of the central or peripheral nervous system that affects the individual’s sensory-motor, cognitive, perceptual, social and emotional abilities and development.

Mobilisation of the neurological system

Neuromeningeal mobilisation, 2000
A highly effective technique of gentle repetitive active move- ments to mobilise neural structures compromised by herniated discs or scar tissue and causing radiation pain.

Neuromusculary mobilisation, 2004
Flavia learned to apply serial-casts and splints on patients with reduced joint mobility caused by spasticity.


Workshop on Vestibular Activation, 2005

Workshop on Oral Stimulation, 2006


Kinesio Taping

K1 and K2 course in Kinesiotaping, 2016
In February 2016 Flavia attended K1 and K2 training courses in Kinesiotaping. Both classic and fingerprint Tape is now avail- able in her clinic. Kinesiotape is more than traditional rigid tape which increases stability in a loose joint. Through its special ability to stretch and curl back it has a deep effect on muscle fibers, fasciae and the lymphatic system. Depending on the technique in which it is applied it supports muscle function or it helps muscles to relax and is highly effective at reducing bruises or swellings.

Baby massage instructor, 2010
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Pilates pelvic floor training, 2012
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